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Pick of the year 2020


Approximately 10 years after 2020 began in January, it is coming to an end. Goodbye! We will never see your like again! Hopefully! Don’t write! Despite Everything That’s Being Going On, we asked th...

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It's Beginning to Sound a lot like... Snow?


Knowing that snowflakes fall at speeds of up to 4 mph makes a snow-blanketed landscape even more impressive, doesn’t it? A fresh, snowy environment is certainly a visceral experience; the brisk air in...

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No such thing as a silly question: product design edition


A little while ago we opened up our social channels and told you to ask us anything. The results were… oddly sensible? When we said ‘there’s no such thing as a silly question’ we were honestly expec...

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Pick of the Month: October '20


It’s been A Month! At the end of October, we asked the Team to inflict on other people what music they’d recently been listening to. Here are the results. SONG: Strangers – Mt. Joy Abbey, Queen...

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Now Screeming: Callum's Terror-ific Hallowe'en Movies


This week, RHA’s resident horror connoisseur Callum takes over the blog with his GOAT movie picks for Hallowe'en. Ever since I was a kid, I can remember being in love with Halloween. It started...

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Can sound play an important part in your mornings?


Mornings can be difficult at the best of times, but right now winter is coming. Generally in Glasgow, this means that daylight appears for about 7 hours a day - to illuminate the rain - then disap...

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The Team Drive Down Memory Lane


Like many other people, members of the RHA Team have recently been victimised by our own Photo apps. Be it iOS Photos, Google Photos or social media notifications, tech seems intent on reminding u...

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Pick of the Month: September '20


September is almost over (insert Green Day joke). Like most of the UK, the staff of RHA are still scattered across Glasgow, making do with unlimited coffee, sunny gardens, and heating that actually wo...

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FAQ Series: No Such Thing as a Silly Question


A few weeks ago, we opened our virtual doors to all the questions that you might have wanted to ask, but were worried were… a bit weird. With zero judgement, we collected them and took them to our...

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FAQ Series: How to Clean Earbuds (Properly)


This week we’re going to talk about cleaning your headphones, while tactfully avoiding going into detail about what you need to clean them of. As we pointed out last week, bodies are weird; and ear...

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Listen & Learn: Tips on Studying with the Help of Audio


As some of us head back to schools and campuses around the world, we thought we’d take a look at learning. Actually, more accurately a listen. Because of the headphones. Better, or Different? T...

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FAQ Series: Finding the Perfect Fit


One question that arises more than any other with noise isolating earbuds is ‘how do I make this fit?’. [PLUG BEGINS] ‘It’s funny you ask,’ we say, ‘because we provide a range of tip sizes with all ou...

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The Team’s favourite tracks of August


To keep our finger on the pulse, we asked the Team what they’d been listening to throughout August. This month’s playlist features some genuinely recent tracks as well as some obscure oldies and some...

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The RHA Team's guilty pleasures


You should never feel guilty about music that makes you feel good! But, by the same token, there are some tracks you’d prefer to not start casting unexpectedly to the office, mid-rousing chorus. This...

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Listenin' for Typin': Music for Productivity


Generally, collective wisdom has it that, when it comes to concentrating: Blink-182 bad, Chopin good. But *pushes glasses to end of nose* it’s actually more complicated than that. As many of us prepa...

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The Team can't wait to tell you about this podcast...


You’ll know if someone listens to podcasts, because – like sourdough people and record collectors - they’ll tell you. Now imagine working with 50 people like that. This week we asked what podcasts Th...

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Behind the Buds, Volume 4: Real Powerful Stuff


How do we fit 9 hours of battery life into such small, well designed, aesthetically appealing earbuds? We're glad you asked! In this, Volume 4, of Behind the Buds we're taking a look at the hero of Tr...

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The Team’s favourite tracks of July 2020 | Blog | RHA


We asked the Team what they’ve been listening to throughout July; how the found it and what they loved about it. It’ll be current!, we thought, ‘they’ll have been listening to cool new releases...

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