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RHA headphones & earphones launch in Australia


  RHA is pleased to announce the launch of their headphone range in Australia, in partnership with International Dynamics. International Dynamics has been at the forefront of Australian aud...

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RHA Launches Headphones in Apple Stores across North America.


British audio company RHA has officially launched in the North American market. Founded in 2008, RHA spent three years in research and development before launching in Spring 2011, quickly becoming...

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RHA SA950i Facebook & Twitter Competition


The RHA MA450i and SA950i will be launching exclusively with Apple across North America on 2nd October 2012 and to celebrate this exciting new distribution deal, RHA are giving away two sets of the cr...

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RHA Announce North America MA450i & SA950i Launch - Apple Store Exclusive


RHA brings new line of headphones to North America, launching exclusively in Apple Retail Stores and Apple Store Online. British audio company RHA is officially launching its critically-acclaimed r...

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Understanding Frequency Response


Manufacturers of audio equipment usually provide the frequency response range of their products, some even provide a graph detailing how products reacts to different frequencies. So what does frequenc...

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RHA MA450i - Your Reviews


The RHA MA450i earphones have been available to purchase from Amazon, Apple and other retailers for a couple of months and thus far, the feedback we’ve had from those who’ve picked up a pair has been...

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Noise Isolation


The major advantage of noise isolating headphones is that they keep the audio inside your ear and the noise outside- they isolate your ear from the distractions of the outside world, enhancing your li...

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MA450i included in pick of world's best headphones


The MA450i headphones have been included in The Audiophiliac’s pick of the world’s best headphones. CNET's resident Audiophiliac Steve Guttenberg says ‘I haven't covered too many inexpensive earpho...

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RHA announce MA450i earphones with Apple remote


Noise Isolating Aluminium Earphones with Remote and Microphone British audio specialists RHA are expanding their critically-acclaimed range with the launch of a new headphone designed for use with Ap...

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