Balanced 2.5mm In-Ear Monitor Cable

MMCX - 2.5mm Aux Silver Ag4x Cable

Balanced 2.5mm In-Ear Monitor Cable

A fully balanced headphone cable compatible with any housings that use MMCX connections.

  • Silver-coated oxygen-free copper cable

  • Fully balanced with 4-pole 2.5mm termination

  • Mouldable over-ear hook wearing style

  • MMCX housing connections

99,95 €

Originally designed for use with RHA’s CL2 Planar in-ear headphone, the Ag4x cable is compatible with any in-ear headphone housings that use the MMCX connection standard.

The cable is fully balanced, eliminating any risk of distortion or crosstalk; and terminates in a 4-pole 2.5mm connection compatible with leading digital audio players and other high-end audio equipment.

Reinforced over-ear hooks can be moulded to the exact contours of the ear, resulting in a more secure and comfortable fit.