Dual Density Ear Tips with Holder

7 pairs of ear tips with a stainless steel holder

  • Noise isolating
  • 100% latex free
  • Suitable for any in-ear headphone with a ~5mm sound pipe

About Dual Density Ear Tips

The soft silicone outer layer provides a comfortable, secure fit, adapting to the contours of the ear canal in order to prevent external sound interference. The firmer silicone inner creates a tight seal with the headphone housing to prevent sound leakage or accidental removal.




For use with

  • CL1 Ceramic
  • CL2 Planar
  • CL750
  • MA390 Universal/Wireless
  • MA600(i)
  • MA650 Android/Lightning/Wireless
  • MA750(i)/Wireless
  • S500 Universal
  • TrueConnect
  • T10/T10i
  • T20(i)/Wireless
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