Our range of world-renowned in-ear headphones are tailored to provide powerful, immersive audio - wherever you are. With both wired and wireless options, each RHA product offers pioneering technology that merges innovative design and precision-engineered materials.

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Wireless Flight Adapter

Bluetooth 5 Audio Transmitter

CL2 Planar

Planar magnetic in-ear monitor with detachable cables

MA390 Universal

Lightweight earphones with mic and remote for Apple & Android

MA650i with Lightning

Earphones with Microphone & Remote for Apple


High fidelity in ear headphones with comfortable ear hooks


HiFi in ear headphones with Apple compatible microphone


HiFi, noise isolating IEMs with DualCoil Drivers & audio filters

T20 Wireless

High-fidelity in-ear headphone featuring DualCoil™ technology


Hi-Res in-ear monitors with microphone for Apple


True wireless earbuds with Bluetooth 5

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