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Boss-Levels: What Makes an Epic Video Game Soundtrack?


If you’ve ever been really into a game, an hour’s sit down can suddenly turn into an all-night gaming session. But are you really to blame for this? Or have you been reeled in by an exceptionally well...

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AI: Artificial Inevitability


Having just returned from consumer electronics trade show IFA, we asked ourselves; is a brighter, better future really within sight or is it all a stitch-up? In 1956, John McCarthy – an American PhD...

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Diegetic Sound: A Terrifying Tale of Audio in Horror Film


Fear is perhaps the most primal of all emotions, hardwired as part of our survival instinct.  Despite this, the most courageous amongst us still enjoy a good jump scare accompanied by popcorn. &n...

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How do True Wireless Earbuds Work?


Bluetooth has not only given us freedom from wires, but has also changed the way we use and wear audio. Now headphones can be specialized for almost any environment; from active sports to deep listeni...

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Live the Journey: Ambient Sound


We often use audio to augment our daily journey, whether it be to turn up the pace on the morning run or transport us from our busy commute, but have you ever wished you could travel to work on t...

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Design Notes: TrueConnect Colours


To celebrate the launch of the TrueConnect we spoke to RHA designer, David Keating about the philosophy behind the new colours; Cloud White and Navy Blue. What was your thinking when coming up with t...

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RHA Dacamp L1 honoured with EISA Award for best portable DAC/headphone amplifier


RHA is proud to announce that the Dacamp L1 has been awarded the EISA award for “Best Product” in the category “Portable DAC/Headphone Amplifier” by the European Imaging and Sound Association. Conside...

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RHA T20i Black and S500i available on general sale from 1 April


RHA is excited to announce that the black edition of the critically acclaimed T20i in-ear headphone and the ultra-compact S500i headphone will go on general sale from the RHA website, Amazon store and...

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RHA confirmed for London’s headroom™ 2016


RHA is delighted to be exhibiting at the 2016 headroom™ event in London. Going into its second year, headroom™ is on course to be one of the UK’s biggest personal audio events, showcasing...

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An introduction to… RHA’s DualCoil™ driver technology


In May 2015 RHA launched a new product featuring a unique, revolutionary piece of technology. With the second entry in the T Series, RHA chose to debut its DualCoil™ driver technology, a reinven...

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Order Deadlines for the RHA Online Stores this December


RHA’s range of high quality engineered in-ear headphones are the perfect gift for any audio lover this Christmas, and with RHA’s online stores in the UK, USA and Europe you can order any RHA headphone...

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RHA at the International CES 2016, January 6-9, Las Vegas


RHA is proud to announce that it will be returning to The International CES (Consumer Electronics Show®) in January 2016. Members of the RHA team will be crossing the Atlantic to present our award-...

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Join RHA for the launch of Loud & Clear’s Headphone Listening Bar!


RHA is pleased to invite you to the launch of Loud & Clear’s newly completed Headphone Listening Bar. RHA has teamed up with Glasgow’s leading high-end audio retailer to offer visitors the opportunity...

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RHA T20 in-ear headphone wins prestigious AEx and VGP awards for audio excellence


RHA is delighted to announce its flagship T20 in-ear headphone has been selected as a winner of the Japanese Audio Excellence (AEx) 2016 award in the Headphones category. Established in 1978, the AEx...

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RHA T20i and S500i in-ear headphones now available from the Apple Store Network


RHA is pleased to announce that the critically acclaimed T20i in-ear headphone and the ultra-compact S500i headphone are now available from the Apple Store Network. The new flagship and entry level pr...

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RHA S500 in-ear headphone now available from Amazon and the RHA website


RHA is delighted to announce that the S500 is now available in the UK, wider Europe and USA via the RHA online store and Amazon (UK/FR/DE/ES/USA). The S500 features an ultra-compact design in alu...

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Show Report: RHA at IFA 2015


From 5 September 2015, members of RHA's team exhibited our range of award-winning in-ear headphones at Europe's biggest consumer electronics trade show, IFA, in Berlin. The show offered the opportu...

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Catch RHA at CanJam Europe 2015


Siehe unten für deutsch If you missed the chance to try out RHA’s latest in-ear headphones at IFA in Berlin, the RHA team are bringing the all-new S500i and T20i back to Germany for CanJam Europe in...

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